Boardies® talks with artist Yoko Honda

This season, Boardies® has teamed up with Japanese artist Yoko Honda to create some awesome prints for our swimwear and t-shirts.  We originally met via a mutual love for all things 80s / 90s, colour and retro design effects.  Yoko's aesthetic is right up our street and shes one of the nicest, most humble creative to work with.

Below is a quick questions and answers session we did to find out and share more about Yoko Honda and her art:-

1. Tell us about yourself, where are you from and how did you become an artist?

"I liked drawing it since I was a child, but I did not think that I would like to be an artist. But I learned the pleasure of drawing on iPhone for the first time in 2011, and learned the illustration by self-study, while posting it to Instagram. Many people supported me, in 2013 I debuted as an artist."

2.  We share a love for the 80s and it inspired both our works. What is it about the culture and style of that era that inspires you so much?

"Yes, it is. I  like music, movies, arts and culture of the 80's since childhood, I have been very influenced by them. I have 80s at the backbone, but recently I have been increasingly making artworks with my favourite, nostalgic style"

3.  Where do you get your other inspiration from? Are there any particular designers or artists that you admire at the moment?

"I respect other amazing artists. I know a lot of artists who make lots of wonderful designs. I always admire,  but when I draw artwork,  there is not much influence from them. Recently, I have been influenced by actual scenery, beautiful scenery, the everyday, more than other artists."

4.  We want to visit Japan soon, what key tips would you give us and places we have to see and experience?

"If you come to Japan, Please visit the ancient capital, temples and shrines. It is a sacred place, Japan's most wonderful place. There are many historical shrines and temples in Tokyo. It is one of my favourite place near Harajuku's Cat Street in the evening. I get very inspired."

5. If you could visit anywhere I the world, where would you go First and why?

" I have been visit LA 5 times, I have visited Florida twice and I would like to go back to LA and Florida again, but right now now I'd love to take a vacation to my favourite destination, the beautiful Thailand. ;)"


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