Boardies® talks with London artist Kev Munday

For the new SS24 collection, Boardie® is pleased to announce it has collaborated with London based artist Kev Munday on special limited edition print called "Monsters" available in swim shorts and t-shirts.  Boardies® founder Nick Crook discovered Kev's work at a gallery opening near Shoreditch, London back in 2022.
Nick caught up with Kev with some quick fire Q&As so we can find out more about him and amazing artwork.
Tell us how you got started in art and the journey until now? 
I first started making art as a teenager, mostly painting graff at local skate parks and putting up stickers, that kind of thing. I then went on to do a degree on graphic design and combined what I'd learnt digitally with the hand painted, self taught side of things to come up with the style that I've been working in since. After uni I worked part time whilst getting things going and have been lucky enough to be able to support myself full time from my art for the past 15 years now.
Where do you get your inspiration from and what inspires you creatively?
I try to look at lots of different styles of art for inspiration and do a lot of work in sketchbooks to come up with my ideas. I try to go off in different directions regularly, but I'm always drawn back to the same sort of subjects; mostly people, animals and made up creatures!
We saw your exhibition in London, it was a huge success wasn’t it ?
It went really well! It was my first show in London for quite a few years. After the pandemic I wanted to get out there with exhibiting in the real world again after everything being just online for a while, so that year I had the show you saw in London and solo exhibitions in Seoul and Paris too. 
What projects are you working on right now?
The project I'm most excited about currently is a big mural I'm working on in Reading, Berkshire. I'm collaborating with a sculptor friend on it to make something that's very different to anything I've done before and it's been super fun experimenting with a new medium.
Your Boardies® styles are coming, do you have any travel plans this year?
I'm hoping to get over to Europe for a couple of exhibitions later in the year, other than that probably just nights away on the South coast of England in my campervan! 
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