Boardies® meets Bali Long Board Surfer, Flora Christin

We recently had the pleasure of meeting this real live wire, Flora Christin, one of Indonesia's first competition female long boarders, whilst hanging in Bali with mutual friends.  Flora picked up one of our new Boardies® womens one-piece swim suits and took it out for a ride.  Below are some awesome pictures that photographer Simon Fitz captured down at Old Mans in Canggu @smn_ftz

After the surf, we caught up with Flora to find out a bit more about here in this brief Q&A:-

1.  Hey Flora, tell us about yourself, where you are from and what are you doing in Bali?

My name is Flora Christin, a girl from North Sumatera, Indonesia.  I lived and worked in Jakarta before I had enough go the big city, so packed a suitcase and went travelling around Indonesia from the west to the east (Sumatera to Papua), then around South East Asia before heading to Sri Lanka.                                                                                                      
Couple years ago, I eventually decided to explore Bali and was hoping to find a job, but unfortunately as for an Indonesian to work in Bali is not a good way to make money. Then I started surfing, rented a board for 6 months because I wasn’t sure what board I would prefer to Surf.  As time went by, with loads of cuts and injuries from surfing, which happens, I was really improving so decided to buy a second hand longboard from a local dude.                    
Boardies® meets Bali Long Board Surfer, Flora Christin
2.  You then started surfing full time huh?                                                                                        
Yeah and I started getting some interest early this year with some sponsors for a board, sunnies, swimsuits etc etc. I joined my first Surf competition in June for Deus 9ft & single 
and am now on the Asian tour competition, doing the first round in Canggu Bali and second in Japan a few months ago.  I'm off to the Philippines in December for the next round which I can't wait for!  Still haven't won any Surf comps yet but am surfing my ass off for 6 hours a day like everyday.                                                                                                                        
3.  What makes Bali so special for you?                                                                                    
Living here in the island of Gods is a dream, in this beautiful yet powerful island. Moving here was the best decision I made in her life. Who is Flora without Canggu waves?!
Who is Flora without surfing?! And it’s all started here in Bali, a place I now call home.
Boardies® meets Bali Long Board Surfer, Flora Christin
4.  What tips would you give to girls who wanna catch their first wave on a Long Board?      
Get a surf lesson, learn all the rules. And just be out there! Paddle harder, try harder 
Surfing is not easy just like any other things in life. But hey nothing is impossible. 
Do it all with love, it will help you to learn faster.  Watch some surfing videos or even watch some surfer shreds from the beach. Surfing a longboard is beautiful just cross that legs and dance all the way to the nose. You gonna fall that’s for sure but when you mastered it, you will find out how beautiful and stylish longboarding is.                                                                    
And also don’t forget to put a big smile out there.  A smile is worth a lot, as these other surfers might let you catch or share some of their waves 😊                                                           
Boardies® meets Bali Long Board Surfer, Flora Christin - Wearing Santa Carla One Piece
5. You tried out the Boardies® Santa Carla Print One-Piece Swim suit, what do think?          
Yeah its pretty stylish and comfy. Love the cut. It makes your body looking hot and sexy.
Keep making good swimwear, we need more pretty and comfy swimsuits out there haha.


To read more about Flora, check out this article in Jakarta Post by writer Elly Whittaker:

Otherwise, come to old mans beach to watch her dance on her board. Oh wait! She is always having a big smile on her face out there :)

Boardies® meets Bali Long Board Surfer, Flora Christin

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