Boardies® x Mr Doodle

A doodle pandemic is sweeping the country courtesy of Mr Doodle, art graduate Sam Cox’s imaginative alter ego. Makeshift tunnels, skate parks, walls, chairs, cars and now even apparel... he's everywhere!

His signature black and white strings of characters, objects and patterns, often referred to as 'graffiti spaghetti' come from a place of child-like sincerity, reminding us all that you should never take yourself too seriously - being silly is fun! 

Boardies® x Mr Doodle - Artwork

To celebrate the launch of the recent collaboration between Boardies® and Mr Doodle, we thought we'd share how this came about. 

Tell us about yourself?  Who is Mr Doodle and where do you get your inspiration from?

Mr Doodle is an exaggeration of who I am, which is a person who loves drawing as much as possible on as many things as possible! 

I get inspired by looking at blank white spaces, that's when I feel most eager to work!

What other cool projects have you been working on lately?  

I've had a few really nice mural projects for people's homes over the last couple of months which has been really fun. Also some bits for drinks brands and doodling on leather bags!

How did your collaboration with Boardies® come about?

The collaboration with Boardies started almost a year ago! When I met Nick in a tunnel I was doodling in Shoreditch.

Whats been your biggest mural to date?

The biggest mural I have created is probably the tunnel I just mentioned- if you were to add up all the space that was doodled in that tunnel and lay it out together then it would probably cover the most room I've ever done. 

However I'm currently working on a long roll of doodle that's just reached over 140 metres, I think I'm going to keep going to 1KM, so that may be the longest one.

Nice one Sam, thanks for the insight! 

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Boardies® x Mr Doodle - Mid Length Shorts


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