Boardies® speak with International DJ and Frequent Flyer, Sonny Fodera!

We first met Sonny in 2015 through mutual friends in London after he moved from Australia and was signed with Defected Records.  His bouncy personality and love for music and travel meant that we hit it off from the start.  After months of touring, we finally got chance to catch up with Sonny and hear what he's been up to!

Your new album ‘Frequently Flying’ is out now. What are the essentials you pack into your carry-on luggage when touring?

Laptop, comfy clothes, a good selection of movies, PS4 with FIFA 2016, sound card, hand sanitiser and mouthwash. 

You worked with a lot of vocalists on the album. What’s your writing and recording process when collaborating with singers?

I usually just get in the studio with a vocalist and jam. Sometimes I send some ideas over beforehand, depending on their location. Most of the vocalists on the album are from London, so a lot of the tracks were recorded in my studio in London Fields. Lots of coffee and late nights.

Boardies® Speak with International DJ and Frequent Flyer, Sonny Fodera

In the album liner notes, you thank Simon Dunmore at your label Defected for persuading you to move to London a few years ago. What have been the best things about the move?

Meeting my amazing partner, doing this album and signing to Defected! I have met so many cool people over here. London is truly my home and I will be raising my children here... My baby is due in 2 months!

Wow, congrats!

 You returned to Australia in December on your ‘Frequently Flying’ tour. What do you most look forward to about being back down under?

The beaches, the weather and catching up with family and friends.

What’s your favourite destination – either for holiday or when touring?


What do you prefer to do in your Boardies® – surf, swim or relax by the pool?

Relax by the pool.

Boardies® Sonny Fodera Defected Shorts

Thanks for your time Sonny and congratulations again on starting a family!

*Quick shout out to Blood Brother for the intro and it's their jacket on the album cover.  

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